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We all long for a new 'dream kitchen' to solve the ever growing problem of too much kitchen clutter and over-filled cupboards.

 A new kitchen however may not be the absolute answer as it will only ever be 'dreamy' if you plan a place for everything and keep everything in its place. 

Sorting what you own on a regular basis can make a big difference to all kitchens, whether old or new. 

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I find it's easier to tidy cupboards and drawers by getting it all out. Clearing some floor space and laying down a drop sheet to protect the floor. Completely empty out all cupboards and drawers of equipment, utensils and appliances as well as crockery and cutlery. Sounds painful but trust me, it's worth it.
Arrange everything into groups according to how you use them and check for damage and missing parts. Now here's the part, BE SURE to keep only what you need and use regularly and give away or sell what you don't. Clean your cupboards and drawers well and organise a system for each. For example I have a group of things for baking, storage containers together, pots and pans etc. 

  • Place everything neatly back into the cupboards and drawers according to your 'new' system. Make sure things go back to where they belong and remember to tidy and sort on a regular basis.
  • A neat way to store your pans is with screw-in cup hooks. For an overhead cabinet, line them up on the underside of a shelf, spacing them apart enough to ensure they'll each be easy to access.
  • Make the most of little doors by using Command Clear Utility hooks. Line them all up so the utensils are clear of the shelves and the doors can still close easily. 
  • I place rarely used items on high shelves or on top of the fridge
  • Display attractive bowls and jugs on open shelves to relieve cupboard space
  • Vases can be used to hold wooden spoons and other bulky utensils
  • Hooks and rails placed inside cupboards are great for cups, lids and power leads

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