Wedding Table Runner

DIY table runner - Tara Dennis

Add a touch of elegant style to your wedding table setting with this super simple craft idea. This linen table runner is easy to make and very affordable. Create the table runner longer to run down the centre of each table or else run them across the tables for a smart - casual look.

You will need:

Thin cord rope
Mod Podge
Thin sheet of acetate (available from art shops)
Paint brush
Natural coloured linen fabric
Thread to match the linen
Fast drying craft glue

How to make:

Step 1
Cut the linen fabric to size, measuring it to suit your table. Allow for the width of the table plus extra for overhang on each side. Also add a few extra centimetres for seam allowance. (An average table runner is around 35cm x 190cm). Use a sewing machine hem the edges.

Step 2
To create glitter glue, mix up glitter and Mod Podge in a ratio of approximately two parts glue to one part glitter. Lay the cord rope onto an acetate sheet and dab the glitter glue onto the rope. The shiny surface of the acetate means you can leave the rope to dry without it sticking.
DIY table runner - Tara Dennis

DIY table runner - Tara Dennis

Step 3
Using fast drying craft glue, attach the rope to the edges of the table runner. Apply glue a little at a time to the edge of the linen fabric and hold the cord in place while the glue just sets. Continue all the way around. This can be fiddly so as an alternative, you can stick the rope on top of the runner, just get it as close to the edge as you can.
DIY table runner - Tara Dennis

Tip: Ensure you have enough rope to go all around the table runner by first laying it out before you apply the glitter glue. Allow a few extra centimetres.

DIY table runner - Tara Dennis

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