Seaside Art

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Add a touch of beach chic to your home with this wonderful seaside artwork. Easy to make with this step by step guide.

You will need:

Chromacryl - 250ml jar - White, Cool Blue and Raw Umber
24 x 24 inch stretched canvas
2 x 2.4m lengths Tas oak moulding
Bullet head nails

How to:

1. Start by mixing light and dark blue paint colours. For the light blue, mix three parts white, one part cool blue and a dash of raw umber. For the dark blue, mix white and blue in equal parts then add a dash of raw umber.

2. Measure your canvas and mark about one third down on either side with a pencil. (I marked 200mm down).

seaside art

3. On the top two thirds of the canvas, paint the darker blue across the left hand corner. Paint a triangular area and while still wet, blend the lighter blue in to soften the edges. Continue painting and blending from side to side, picking up light blue, white and a tiny dab of raw umber in your brush as you go. Work down to the pencil line and finish by painting a smooth line across. This creates the horizon.

seaside art 3

4. Turn the canvas upside down and roughly paint a few areas with the dark blue. Again, while still wet, blend in lighter blue and white. This creates the sky.

5. Finally, use an artists brush to add white highlights across the lower half of the painting. This creates waves.

seaside art 2

Tara's Top Tips

Extra Notes:
Use the same technique for other scenes. Try adding cool yellow to the blue for green grass, or other colours such as Raw Sienna and white for sand. Black mixed with the cool blue makes a dark, night sky. Add white to this and you have the perfect colour for storm clouds. And finally, try using a variety of tools to add texture and detail. Experiment with brushes and sponges for trees and buildings, even a credit card to draw lines for grass.

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