Peggy Mirror

peggy mirror

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Imagine......this striking mirror has been created using wooden clothes pegs!

A simple craft idea yet so effective and easy to do, just whip a few pegs from the line and you'll be ready to start creating. I've made mine in white for a fresh and contemporary look but a mirror like this would look just as good painted silver or black, red or even gold.

You will need:

Round MDF Kaisercraft Mirror (available from hardware and craft stores)
41 wooden clothes pegs (available form supermarkets and hardware stores)
Selleys Liquid Nails
Dulux 1 Step Primer, Sealer, Undercoat
Dulux Aquanamel – low sheen - off white

How to:

1. Separate each peg, removing the wire connector

2. Using the Liquid nails, glue down the pegs working around the frame

3. Once complete, leave to dry before priming with the Dulux 1 Step

4. Paint using the Aquanamel taking care to push the brush bristles into the crevices. You may need to apply several coats.

5. Allow to thoroughly dry before hanging

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