Family Tree

family tree

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This is a really fun way to create a family tree. The kids can get involved and enjoy adding their own special touch.

The photos and leaves can be moved around from branch to branch and more nails added so the tree can be updated and keep growing and evolving, just like your family!

A little secret too, I’m terrible at remembering birthdays so I made the photos as tags so they can be flipped over to reveal the name and birthday on the back. This is a simple idea that could work as a fab gift for grandparents who often have a long list of names and special days to remember.

You will need:

Solid Wood Panel Spruce 18mm thick
Jo Sonja’s Artists Colours Titanium White, Turners Yellow, Sapphire, Raw Umber, Moss Green
Jo Sonja’s Clear Glaze Medium
Copic Permanent Black Pen
Soft Cotton Cloth (muslin is ideal)
Small nails and hammer

family tree 2

Step 1
To create a lime wash effect, mix one part Titanium White to three parts Clear Glaze Medium and apply across the front of the board, top, base and sides, brushing in the direction of the grain. Before the glaze has time to dry, wipe along the grain to remove excess. If you want a stronger white, dry and repeat this step.

family tree 3

Step 2
Cut paper leaf and photo templates and arrange across the board as a guide. Using a lead pencil, softly freehand draw a tree trunk and branches around the templates and mark a dot above each for the nails.

family tree 4

Step 3
Using a permanent pen, ink over the pencil lines and add other details such as birds, leaves and flowers. Pencil lines can be easily erased at this stage.
Thin paints a little with Clear Glaze Medium to make them transparent and brush in coloured details.

family tree nails

Step 4
Hammer in nails, not too far.

family tree 6

Step 5
Using paper punches and scissors, cut photos.

Step 7
Have fun decorating them, I used a combination of cardboard, fabric and string.

family tree1

Step 8
For fabric tags, glue thin fabric to cardboard using Mod Podge or craft glue. When dry they can be cut easily into shapes. Names and dates can be written on the backs.

Step 9
Use a hole punch and thread with string to hang.

Step 10
To make leaves, use scraps of wool cloth or felt. Sew looped thread to hang and stitch veins for details.

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