Decorative Table Mats

Make your own decorative place mats - Tara Dennis

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Cork backed 'picture' placemats are easy to find in all of the homewares stores and are a really practical as well as decorative way to protect a table or define a place setting.

Their designs however can be limited - but not if you create the designs yourself!

So using standard mats and coasters, see how easy it is to apply decorative papers and varnish to create your very own 'custom' range of table accessories.

You will need:

1 x Set cork backed table mats
1 x Set cork backed coasters
Scrap booking paper
1 x Jar Mod Podge (available from art stores)
1 x Soft 25mm paint brush
1 x 75ml Tube Jo Sonja's Artist Colours – Rich Gold
1 x 250ml Can Feast Watson Polyurethane Varnish – satin finish
1 x Sharp blade cutting knife

How to:

Step 1
Thoroughly sand the glossy surface of each table mat and coaster then apply an even layer of the Mod Podge working on one at a time. Then apply more Mod Podge evenly to the back of the sheet of paper.

Step 2
Press the paper down smoothing out any air bubbles – take care not to overwork as the paper becomes soft and may tear.

Step 3
Allow to dry overnight.

Step 4
Using the knife – trim the excess paper away and to finish the edges, dip your finger into the Rich Gold colour paint and dab around the edges. Allow to dry.

Step 5
Apply several coats of polyurethane varnish to finish and protect.

Tara's Top Tips

Allow to harden for 1 - 2 weeks before stacking together or wrapping, otherwise the mats may stick

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