Butterfly Cushions

butterfly cushionWhen the weather turns cool I love making my home cosy and inviting and for me it’s all about layering.  Just like throwing on a jumper or a scarf, your home can be wrapped up in warmth too.

It’s easy to cosy up cushions you may already have and you don’t even need to sew.  This was a plain white cushion which I have layered up with a piece of felt for a very smart decorator look.

Felt is a really fun and easy fabric to work with. It comes in so many colours and can be purchased either in A4 pieces or by the metre.  I guarantee once you try this, you’ll be looking at what else you can create with felt!

You will need:

Cushion with insert removed
Felt cut to size
HeatnBond Paper
Small sharp scissors
Baking Paper

download project sheet

How to:

1. Cut felt to the size you need and then iron a square of HeatnBond paper to the back

2. Use the template to draw butterflies across the paper changing their direction as you go

3. Carefully pierce the felt from the back using the tips of the scissors then cut out each butterfly.  Leave a section un-cut in the middle of each butterfly to secure.  You can vary the look by cutting some butterflies out completely

4. Iron the cut felt square to the cushion front taking care not to affix all of the butterfly wings so some appear ‘in- flight’

Tara's Top Tips

If you wash your cushion covers frequently, I suggest you use fabric glue instead of HeatnBond as glue will give a more durable bond
materials 1. Cut felt to the size you need and then iron a square of HeatnBond paper to the back draw butterflies across the paper 3. cut out each butterfly
Supplier details: You can buy HeatnBond or similar by the metre from sewing shops

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