Tissue Paper Pom Poms

 tissue paper pom poms - Tara Dennis

Pom poms are a super easy craft project and a fun decorating idea which will cheerfully brighten up any room in your home. Choose your colour scheme, get the kids involved and make a stunning colourful statement. Have fun decorating any special occasion, perfect for birthday parties & wedding decorations.

You will need:

Tissue paper
Small wire cutters

How to make:

1. Layer your tissue paper together (around 7 or 8 sheets) and cut to size. The ones here are approx. 25cm by 17cm.

2. Keeping all of the layers together, fold the paper 'accordian' style, like folding a paper fan then cut the ends into a point.

3. Wrap a small piece of wire around the center of the folded paper.

4. Thread a piece of ribbon under the wire for hanging later.

5. Holding the folded paper in the middle, carefully separate each layer one at a time pulling gently towards you. Once the layers have all been separated, give the pom pom a light shake to add volume. Hang using the ribbon.


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