Luxury Bath Towels

luxury bath towel

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Elegant bath towels can really add to the ambience of your bathroom but there's no need to splash out a fortune for designer brands, this luxurious look can be achieved for less than $5!

A simple strip of lace braid attached to a plain towel is all you need for the decorator look! And just incidentally, lace is all the rage this season so by creating these for your bathroom, you'll be right up to date!

You will need:

Towels with plain bands
Decorative lace braid
Sewing machine or needle and thread

How to:

1. Lay the lace braid across the plain band of the towel and pin in place.

2. Attach using a sewing machine or needle and white thread


Tara's Top Tips

         Folding in the ends of the braid before sewing prevents fraying

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