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This year I'm keeping my gift wrapping simple. Clean white paper and Scotch coloured duct tape. Such a beautiful combination.

The bow

You'll need:

White paper

Double sided tape
Scotch Coloured Duct Tape

How to:

Apply a strip of tape to a piece of paper. Cut a long rectangle from the taped area.
 Repeat this until you have five pieces.
The size of your strips will vary depending on how large you would like your bow.
Our strips were 400mm x 40mm (2) 350mm x 35mm (2) 100mm x 40mm (1)

2. Take one of your largest pieces and create a figure eight. Tape the two ends to the middle to hold it in place.
Repeat this same action until you have four figure eights. Create a loop from the smallest piece.

Stick your two large figure eights together creating a cross. Do the same with the two smaller pieces. Once you have two crosses stick the smaller one on top of the other. Finish it off by sticking the loop to the in the middle.

Stick your beautiful big bow on top of your gift.


The pillow box

You'll need:

Pillow box printable
Thick paper (check the thickness your printer can handle) 

Scissors or craft knife

Double sided tape


Scotch Coloured Duct Tape

Paper scorer

How to:

Download the box template and print it onto card.
Score the box where directed on the print out. The blue lines indicate where the box needs to be scored.
3. Cut the box from the card. Place a strip of Scotch Coloured Duct Tape
across the middle of the box.
Fold the scored lines. When folding the box you'll get the best result if you have the printed side inwards. This prevents any print lines from showing.
5. Apply double sided tape to the bottom flap of the box and stick it together
6. Fold one end together, place your gift inside the box and fold up the other side. You can now embellish your box with a pretty ribbon and your beautiful gift is complete.

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