Paper Nests

Tara Dennis Easter craft idea - paper nests - perfect for little Easter eggs

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Decorate your Easter table with this beautiful and easy Easter paper craft idea. Sheet music is the perfect colour and texture for creating these paper nests. You can often find a stash of odd pages where they sell second hand books. It's a lovely way to recycle.

You will need:

Music sheet
Cling film
Small bowl and glass

How to:

1. Place a piece of cling film over the base of a small bowl, this stops the paper from sticking to it. Raise the bowl by resting over a glass then begin cutting long, thin strips of paper

2. Using dabs of glue, begin to construct the frame of the nest by criss-crossing paper strips one at a time

3. Gently lift the nest frame from the base of the bowl and place it inside the bowl which has been lined with cling film. Continue gluing and building up the nest.

4. Allow to dry then fill with eggs

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