Easter Egg Cosies

Easter Egg Cosies - Taradennis.com 

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Egg cosies are the perfect way to keep boiled eggs warm and how sweet these would be for the breakfast table at Easter time. Simple to make, even the kids can hop in and get involved.

You will need:

Sewing needle

easter egg cosies2

1. Fold your felt in half to create two layers and put the template on top. Pin the template and the two layers of felt together and cut around. This will give you the two sides for your egg cover.

Easter Egg Cosies - Tara Dennis

2. Stitch a bead onto the front of each piece to create eyes.

Easter Egg Cosies - Tara Dennis

3. Machine or hand sew around the edge as shown on the template.

easter egg cosies4

Finished! Why not make a few and treat your friends and family with these cute little creations.
Pop a chocolate egg underneath for a quick and affordable gift idea

Easter Egg Cosies - Tara Dennis

easter egg cosies7

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