Scandi Style Tree Decorations

Create a scandi style christmas tree - Tara Dennis

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Decorating a Christmas tree can be so much fun and each year in our house, we make things even more special with fresh new colour combinations. For us, this tradition has been going on for quite some time, so as you can imagine, we have a growing assortment of different coloured baubles.

For starters though, you can't go past the basic colours of silver, gold and red. With any of these shades, its easy to add your own unique touches to a tree and create almost any theme you like. The kids can get involved too so why not choose your favourite colour combo and save a few dollars along the way with my simple hand made decorations.

Create a scandi style christmas tree - Tara Dennis

Snowflake Garland

You will need:

Martha Stewart snowflake punch
Zenith fancy twine
White scrapbooking paper

How to:

1. Use the punch and paper to create snowflakes.

2. Working on two flakes at a time, turn them over, place a small dab of glue in the centres of each then sandwich the string between them.

3. Keep working along the string until you have as much garland as you need.


Create a scandi style christmas tree - Tara Dennis

Woodgrain Disks

You will need:

Fiskars Bling Bling punch
Woodgrain 'Ash' self adhesive cover
Gift wrap
Jo Sonja's Acrylic Paint – Titanium White
Ribbon to hang
MDF disks

How to:

1. Cut circles from the adhesive using the disks as a guide.

2. Paint the MDF disks white on both sides and dry them with a hairdryer.

3. Stick on the adhesive, use the punch to create little stars and glue them in place. Drill a hole in each and thread ribbon for hanging.


Create a scandi style christmas tree - Tara Dennis

Bark Stars

You will need:

Bark – free from your park or garden
Craft stars
Zenith fancy twine
Brown earth acrylic paint
Sharp scissors

How to:

1. Paint the wooden stars front and back and dry with a hair dryer.

2. Apply glue to small sections at a time and press on strips of bark.

3. Turn the stars over and use the outlines as a cutting guide. Create loops to hang them using glue and string.

Create a scandi style christmas tree - Tara Dennis

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