Magazine Trees

DIY Magazine Trees - Tara Dennis

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Set your table in elegant pewter and ivory tones for a superb break from traditional Christmas colours

You will need:

Sturdy magazines, preferably glue bound, not stapled
Spray paint
Poly stars

How to:

Every magazine is a different so you may need to play with the size of your folds until your tree sits evenly

1. Tear off the cover and the back page

magazine trees2

2. One page at a time, fold the lower right hand corner up then fold the top right hand corner down so it meets the centre crease. Fold the whole page over again to form a neat triangle. The lower edge should line up evenly. If not, re-adjust the first corner fold until it does then use this as your guide for folding the remaining pages

magazine trees3

3. When the magazine is completely folded it will stand on it's own. You can then either leave it undecorated or else spray and glitter to suit your theme

4. For the star at the top, paint and glitter a poly star and sit in place using a toothpick 

magazine trees4


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