Duct tape kids Christmas table

Create a fun table for the kids this Christmas - Tara Dennis

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Create a fun table setting for the kids this Christmas with festive duct tape from 3M.

Bon Bons

You'll need:
Bon bon printable
Craft knife and scissors
Cutting mat
Double sided tape
Scotch Coloured Duct Tape
Thin ribbon

How to:

1. Download your bon bon template and print on to ordinary office paper (80gsm).

2. Score along the blue lines. This can be done with a paper scorer, an empty ball point pen or the back of a plastic picnic knife.

3. Cut out the bon bon with scissors and use a craft knife to remove the diamond shapes from the inside sections of the print as shown.

4. Fold along all of the scored lines then fold the bon bon so the printed side faces inwards. This prevents any print lines from showing.

5. Apply the Scotch Duct Tape to decorate the bon bon. Try not to get any on the folded section. This needs to be paper thin so it 'pops' easily.

6. Apply double sided tape and roll the bon bon into a tube-like shape. One end will need to overlap the other so that the diamond shapes match at either end.

TIP: Using an empty cardboard tube from cling wrap makes rolling easy.

7. Tie one end with ribbon, fill the bon bon with fun things then tie the second end.

Note: Adding bon bon 'snaps' (available from craft stores) makes these even more fun.

 duct tape kids table3

Napkin rings

You'll need:

Napkin ring printable
Scotch Coloured Duct Tape
Double sided tape

How to:

1. Download and print the napkin ring sheet. Cut out as many strips as you need.

2. Stick on Scotch Coloured Duct Tape

3. Apply double sided tape to one end of the strip and create the loop.

Tip: If you would prefer a larger or smaller ring you can just cut a piece of paper to the size that suits your setting.

 duct tape kids table4


Get these cute glass milk bottles from variety stores and dress them up with a strip of tape and add a pretty paper straw.  Easy and fun.

 duct tape kids table2


For the kids on Christmas day, a roll of white paper makes an ideal 'cloth' while squares of cardboard can be used as placemats.  Add a jar of pencils and they'll sit quite happily between courses!

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