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Colour Articles

Colour for your outdoor areas 

People often ask me about colour choices for their outdoor areas. I have my own preferences of course but I wanted to hear it from an expert. I had a quick chat to...

Colour Kicks

Mix red, yellow and varying amounts of white and you'll have some of the freshest colour accents this season. Coral, tan, rust, copper...

Colour trend - Blush pink

Blush pink has always been one of my favourite colours but not since the eighties has it been seen so much in decorating.

Colour Trend - Mint

To kick start the new year, how about a fresh new look for your place with a healthy serve of minty blues and greens?

Dulux Colour Forecast for Summer 2014/15

Dulux has studied design, colour and finishes from around the globe to develop it’s latest colour forecast. Find out what they discovered.

How to choose the right colours for your home

There are so many ways to make a room look beautiful and feel good. One of the most important is colour. Most of us know colours we like and feel comfortable...

How to create a storyboard

Before I commit to any decorating or design project I always take the time to create a simple storyboard. This is something anyone...

Tips for choosing the right white

With the increasing popularity of open plan designs white has only increased its appeal as it helps to create the perception of space and light and can give your room an elegant and fresh feel.